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Immigration Consultation And Fee Structure

If you are interested in hiring our firm or need advice about your immigration options, we encourage you to first set up an immigration consultation with one of our highly skilled and knowledgeable attorneys. Our firm offers a one-time consultation fee of $200 with no further obligation. If you chose to hire Charlotte Viener & Associates to represent you in your immigration matter, the $200 consultation will be deducted from any additional fees.
At the time of the consultation, our office will make every effort to quote you a Flat Fee. In addition, we offer easy payment plans and No Hidden costs. Once we have been retained, our office does not bill for phone calls, emails, or standard postage. You can also be assured that you have full access to our staff any time of the day, either by phone or by email. If we are not retained and a future consultation is needed, the Attorney’s hourly rate will be charged.

While our office prefers an in-person immigration consultation to our attorneys face to face, our office also offers consultations by phone, email, Google Voice, or Skype.

Our office accepts all major credit/debit cards and payments by check or money order.

What To Bring To Your Consultation
Documentation: Bring all documentation related to your immigration matter. The more documentation you bring us, the easier it will be for us to accurately evaluate your immigration options.

Interpreters: If you cannot communicate in English, please bring someone with you who can interpret for you. Our office does have a native Spanish speaking attorney and our office staff speak Spanish. If you need a Spanish translator, please make sure and provide that information to our office at the time you schedule your consultation.

Your spouse, fiance or sponsor: If your immigration case is based on marriage to a US citizen, or employment through a US employer, we ask that you bring that person to the consultation.

What To Expect From An Immigration Consultation
We consider your initial consultation to be an examination of your case and your need for an immigration lawyer. Your immigration lawyer will:

–Obtain an in depth history of your immigration background
–Answer questions that you have about your immigration case
–Explain any immigration benefits for which you may qualify
–Plan an immigration strategy for success
–Provide you with a fee estimate. Generally our office will try to quote a flat fee. If that is not possible, we will explain our hourly rate and an estimate of the amount of hours we think will be needed.

Payment Options: Our office does offer payment plans as well as incentives to pay in full. As a general rule, our office requires a minimum of 50% down on the agreed upon fee. Monthly payments vary depending on the period of time expected to complete your case which can average around 6 months but can be longer for Court cases and other specialized cases.

What Not To Expect During An Immigration Consultation
Our attorneys cannot review your paperwork for completeness or accuracy. If you have chose to handle your immigration case on your own, we can only provide you answers to specific questions regarding the application process.
Why Can’t You Quote Me A Fee To Handle My Case Before A Consultation?
EVERYONE’S IMMIGRATION CASE IS DIFFERENT. No matter what you may hear from your friends or online blogs, immigration cases are rarely straightforward. In order to evaluate the complexity of a case, we must first know your entire immigration history. While we try to provide consistent flat rate legal fees, we cannot adequately estimate the cost of your case without first meeting you, reviewing your documents and obtaining a firm understanding of the services needed for a successful outcome. Our office will typically charge a flat legal fee, which varies based on the facts and complexity of your case.

If you would like to arrange an immigration consultation, please call our office at (504) 581-5051 or (877) 581-5051. You can also email us at ruth@neworleansimmigration.com.

To schedule an Immigration Consultation, please call us at (504) 581-5051 or send us a message through our contact form.

Why Choose Us?

Charlotte Viener & Associates is a New Orleans, Louisiana based law firm that has worked exclusively in the area of Immigration and Nationality Law for over twenty years. We represent immigrants and employers throughout the United States and the world.

Our attorney's are also compassionate and caring and understand that navigating the Immigration laws can sometimes be overwhelming.  We will not only fight for you but hold your hand, if needed, throughout the entire process.  

In addition, our office offers Flat Fees and Payment Plans with no hidden fees. You will have access to us 24 hours a day and 7 days a week either in our office, on the phone or by email.  It is part of the service we offer and is included in the flat fee we quote you at our initial consultation.  Please review our google reviews below to hear about our client's experience working with us. 

Charlotte and her team do a wonderful job and are essential for navigating the confusing waters of US immigration. She assisted our family greatly with our immigration case. I have since recommended her to many friends and they have found her to be professional, efficient and courteous.
C. Wilson
I've had a complicated situation with my immigration status and no one wanted to take my case but Charlotte did. She helped me deal with it the right way. She gave me directions and it helped me solve my issues.
E. Krutov
I just became recently an American citizen and I have to thank greatly to Charlotte. The USCIS screwed my case and Charlotte was instrumental for me to appeal. I was not going to do it and start all over again but she convinced me to go ahead. Thanks! She is a pleasure to deal with.
E. Casillas
Estoy muy agradecido con la abogada Charlotte porque ella me ayudó a obtener la Residencia para mi y para mi hija. Es muy profesional.
O. Elias
My husband and i needed an urgent help regarding my visa situation and we are very happy that attorney Charlotte Viener helped us to everything we needed so fast and made it easy for us. We are very satisfied and definitely will recommend her service to my family and friends!
J. Machida
Charlotte Viener (& her staff) saved my life!. I have been living in the U.S for over 30 years, hold a green card, have never gotten into any trouble with the law and all of a sudden found myself facing deportation for something that had nothing to do with me, but with my (ex)husband. I went to her office crying and asked her to help me and she was very compassionate and professional at the same time. We won our case and now I am free to continue to pursue my American dream. Thank you Charlotte.
C. Gallop